Are you a blogger always looking for what to write? Or you want to start creating your own information products that you can sell online but don’t know how to get started?

Then, you need to read this post carefully!!!

In this article; I will show you where to get premium Amazon books for FREE ethically; so, you won’t have to buy Amazon books again.

If you read to the end, you will see how to create professional ebook cover for free without any knowledge of graphics design.

Do you want to know how to spot hot market; so, you won’t be creating product that doesn’t sell?

Ten years ago, when I started my online journey; one of the things I failed to learn early enough was how to spot good hot market with great potential. And I suffered for it…

After several failed attempt; I dabbled into blogging because I heard there are free money (Google AdSense); unfortunately, I got my Google AdSense account banned before reaching the $100 threshold - what a life! 😥

Before I was banned; one of my major challenges was creating quality contents. As the method I use was already saturated.

Here Is How I Collect My Content…😪😪

Step 1: I go to related blog and copy their contents

Step 2: I use google translator to rewrite the copied contents

Step 3: I proofread the translated contents

Step 4: I publish on my blog

This is just how everyone is doing it then, but there was a problem with this approach.

1. I am limited to what I see on other people’s blog.

2. The content is not 100% unique as this method is already saturated.

3. The process is rigorous and sometimes the content is not 75% unique.

4. The content doesn’t help my SEO.

5. It does not bring me much traffic.

Thing didn’t get better; until I discovered a secret that changed the game for me.

This secret made it possible for me to create unique fresh contents every single day, without ever being worried about what to write again.

Not that alone; I have also created several ebooks that made me millions as a result of this secret.

To make this easier; I have compiled all these into a small ebook that you can finish reading in less than 30 minutes. Yes, it’s a small straight to the points ebook – no story!

In this book, you will learn...

✔ How To Find Hot Market Using Social Media and Forums For Free

✔ How To Know The Product To Create For The Hot Market

✔ How To Get Premium Amazon Books For Free Legally

✔ How To Create Your Own Information Products In Simple Steps

✔ How To Design eCover Design For Free

✔ And many more...

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In this ebook; I will also show you how to find market that are hungry to buy your product, before you even lift a pen. This means you won’t waste your time creating a product that nobody is willing to buy.

And the good thing is that you don’t have to be good with English language before you can create a quality information product.

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